Silence is quiet. Listening. - Radiophonic composition, 2013





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Silence is quiet. Listening.

Radiophonic Composition, 2013

In collaboration with the Slovakian author Róbert Gál.

The starting point for this radiophonic work was Gáls inter-media installation solo (Košice) which has been presented in Košice in September 2012,
in conjunction with Košice 2013 - European Capital of Culture. It is based on field recordings which were mainly collected in and around Košice's
main boulevard (Hlavná ulica), as well as on selected texts by the Slovakian writer R
óbert Gál which the author recites himself in English, German
and Slovakian. Gál's idiosyncratic, and often absurd-enigmatic texts open up associative fields which are interwoven with 'everyday' sound situations
through Bernhard Gáls meticulous compositional arrangement, thus offering multi-dimensional interpretations and 'readings': Silence is quiet. Listening
can be explored as a twisted sound portrait of the city of Košice, a journey into R
óbert Gál's intellectual universe, a sound art radio story,
52 minutes of music, or a bit of everything - depending on the interest and bias of the listener.

[In Memoriam Christof Cargnelli, May 2013]

Silence is quiet. Listening.

Radiophonic Composition, 2013.
Duration: 52'
Premiere: ORF - Kunstradio, June 2nd, 2013.
Commissioned by Austrian National Radio - Kunstradio, Austria.

Listen to an audio excerpt (2m31s):

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