solo (Kosice) - orange phone booth, Košice 2012 (photo: B. Gal)



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solo (Košice)

Sound and Light Experience Stations in Public Space, Kosice, 2012

For this site-specific realization of Bernhard Gál’s intermedia installation solo, six old phone booths located on Hlavná ulica,
Kosice's main street, are transformed into sound and light experience stations, offering an intersensorial experience within public space.

The title of this installation refers to the intimacy of this situation – being inside a phone booth, the visitors get confronted with their own perception
and state of awareness. Each phone booth shows a designated colour, accompanied with corresponding sound works by Bernhard Gál, based on
environmental recordings from Košice, as well as selected aphorisms by the Slovak writer Róbert Gál. All windows are covered
with colour and transparency films, resulting in changing light, translucency and mirror constellations, depending on the time of the day.

For related works see a.o. RGB (2001), Klangbojen (2003), becuadro (2008), mil águas (2009), Sterngucker (2011).

solo (Košice)

6 transformed phone booths, colour and transparency films, lights, timers, audio system, loudspeakers

Commissioned by the Festival Sound City Days | Košice 2013 - European Capital of Culture.
Location: Hlavná ulica, Košice, September 20-23, 2012
Text contributions & Voice: Róbert Gál

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava. Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava

solo (Košice) is featured in Gal's book & DVD video Zwischenbrücken, edition spce | Gromoga, Austria 2015.

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