Hyohaku-no-Hakobune, Kobe, 2007





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Hyohaku-no-Hakobune (Wandering Ark)

Architectural installation by Yumi Kori, sound installation by Bernhard Gal

Kobe Biennale 2007, Japan, Oct. 6th - Nov. 25th, 2007

Innumerable bubbles that project grains of lights appearing and disappearing in the dark. Leaving the body in the flow of air, and the illusion of
lights drifts slowly in the atmosphere. Bustled sound from the towns, the melody of ripples, diverse sounds will appear and disappear. Countless
memory of the container inspires the visitor to explore the endless spatial voyage.

Materials: latex, acryl, wood, light bulb, gel, audio system

Bernhard Gal and Yumi Kori create audio-architectural installations. Since 1997, they have explored interactions between aural, temporal
and spatial situations and their influence on human perception and imagination. Their installations have been exhibited internationally,
in cities including Basel, Berlin, Kobe, New York, São Paulo, Seattle and Tokyo

Yumi Kori

Other work by Bernhard Gal and Yumi Kori