Flüssige Musik, Krems (AT), 2002






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Flüssige Musik

A music project for a young audience by Xenia Hu and Bernhard Gál

Flüssige Musik ('Liquid Music') is a composition performed by 24 kids from an elementary school in Pinkafeld, Austria, as a result of a workshop organized by ÖKS. A collaborative project with Xenia Hu, its goal was to open up the ears of young children to new sound experiences. Together with the children we created a 30-minutes long composition by exploring the multifarious sounds of water, discovering new 'instruments' and developing our own graphic score.

Premiere: Minoritenkirche Stein/Krems, Austria
, May 31th, 2002

Commissioned by ÖKS.
In cooperation with the Kunstvolkschule Pinkafeld.

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