Vierband, 2023



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Electroacoustic Composition | Sound Installation (2023)

The electroacoustic composition Vierband (i.e. ‘four cushions’) has been designed for an eight-channel loudspeaker environment divided into two quadraphonic ‘circles’ that reflect the two compositional poles of the work: Over the course of the piece, fluctuating sound fields are derived from ‘concrete’ sound events of the inner loudspeaker circle via band-pass filtering and ‘freezing’ effects which are rendered audible via the outer four-channel array. Thus, concrete sounds are ‘played over room-acoustic cushions’ transformed into sonic layers. In other words, this multi-channel sound work is about the spatial-geometric relationship of objects (billiard balls) with one another and with the tetragon of the billiard table surrounding them, and thus about the auditory perception of dynamic processes. The result are communicating, interwoven, dual sound spaces. The title ‘Vierband’ is ambiguous, referring both to specific frequency bands and to a (hypothetical) way of playing carom billiards.

Supported by a composition grant of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA 7). Logo MA7

Concerts & Radio Broadcasts

Zeit-Ton Radio Portrait, Austrian National Radio (OE1) | April 7, 2023

Festival Acousmonium 2023, echoraum, Vienna | March 9, 2023
(premiere of concert version)

Klangtheater, Future Art Lab, mdw – Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien | Januay 21, 2023

(premiere of sound installation)