textur #6, 2011





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textur #6

Audiovisual exploration combining phonography and photography, 2011

textur is a series of audiovisual works by Bernhard Gal, to be presented in installations or live performances.

In an attempt to integrate textures from the visual and acoustic realms, textur uses snapshots from the 'real world'
that show a textural quality, i.e. either repetitive, rhythmic elements or amorphous, static qualities. textur is considered as an
ongoing exploration, a work-in-progress in the best sense. Depending on context and possibilities, it may be presented as a
live performance, a video projection, or a site-specific installation.

textur #6 is based on images from Wahiba Sands, Oman.

textur #6

DVD player (installation version) / computer (performance version), video projector, audio system

FP: Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, December 2011

textur #6 is featured in Gal's book & DVD video Zwischenbrücken, edition spce | Gromoga, Austria 2015.

textur - overview ..... still images from textur #6 ..... video excerpt (Vimeo)

























































[ stills from textur #6, 2011 ]