¡Pasarán! Sound Installation by Bernhard Gal, Vienna, 2010, conceptual image: B. Gal





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Quadrophonic Sound Installation, 2010

November 10th-14th, 2010; Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna

Presented as part of the European Conference on 'Public space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe: politics and culture',
organized by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (SKuOR), Nov. 10th-11th, 2010.

In cooperation with Another Festival (Nov. 11th-14th, 2010).

¡Pasarán! is the title of a site-specific sound installation by Bernhard Gal, developed for so-called transitory zones - architectural areas that serve no other function than to pass through, thus separating an interior space from an exterior space. This transitory character is underlined by Gal’s acoustic intervention. The imaginary opening of outward-looking doors activates exterior soundscapes, the virtual opening of inward-facing doors presents - potential - interior acoustic spaces. This constructed sound environment is juxtaposed with the real physical act of walking through the installation space. Thus, passers-by compose their own realistic counterpart of the same sonic concept. The implications of crossing through a border area is also exemplified by sound recordings of security checks, screenings or other control mechanisms which currently shield the fortified first world that we call our own.

The title ¡Pasarán! (i.e. ‘"They will pass!") relates to the popular anti-fascist exclamation ‘¡No pasarán!’, touching on issues of today’s omnipresent geographic, social and political frontiers, where transit only is an option when coming from the ‘right’ side.

¡Pasarán! (2010)

Four-channel audio system, loudspeakers


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