Der Orangenbaum




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Der Orangenbaum


Concert installation by Bernhard Gal

Part of the Art Project Taste 0-20, Praterstrasse, Vienna, May 16

The installation project 'Der Orangenbaum' (German for ''Orange Tree') was originally conceived as a public space sound installation at Praterstrasse, one of the main streets of Vienna's second district, being part of the art project 'Taste 0-20'. Orange-coloured round loudspeakers were to be installed in several trees on both sides of the street. Various sound recordings of bird songs were modified and arranged as an 8-channel-sound installlation.

Unfortunately, the funding of 'Taste 0-20' turned out to be insufficient, thus the basic idea had to be adapted and 'Der Orangenbaum' was turned into a concert installation performed by Bernhard Gál on powerbook computer at Projektraum Viktor Bucher, a gallery located at Praterstrasse.

Supported by SKE-Fonds.