North America Tour '06

/ USA, August 2006

Following Bernhard Gal's West Coast Tour '04 and North East Tour '05,
this year's tour again leads to the North-East of the continent.

Touring together with Montreal-based sound artist i8u,
Gal will a.o. present live performances based on his recent
cd-release 'Installations' (Gromoga, 2005), the quadrophonic
sound installation Reinstallation, and the intermedia composition

beshadowed, concert at Sound Travels, Toronto, August 2006
North-American premiere of Gal's composition beshadowed at Sound Travels, Toronto, August 2006

Tour details

7/14 - 8/07 Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound, Ontario
Multi-channel sound installation
In conjunction with the Electric Eclectics Festival.

8/5- Funny Farm, Meaford, Ontario
Concert in conjunction with the Electric Eclectics Festival.

8/09 - CKLN, Toronto
Radio live performance/interview. Hosted by Ron Gaskin.

8/11 Sound Travels, Toronto
St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church, Toronto Island
Concert performance of beshadowed.

8/19 - flevoland, Montreal
with i8u and Tomas Phillips.

8/20 - La Chambre Blanche, Quebec City
with i8u and Eric D'Orion.

8/22, 3-5 pm - Modular Systems, CKUT, Montreal
Radio live performance, with i8u. Hosted by Corina.
live stream

8/24, ca. 7-10 pm - Rare Frequency, WZBC, Boston
with i8u.
Radio live performance/interview. Hosted by Susanna Bolle.
live stream

8/25, 8pm - sQuareone, Boston
with i8u, Alessandro Bosetti and Yuko Nexus6.

8/27, 8pm - Share NY, New York City
with i8u.

8/30, 7:30pm & 10pm - Monkey Town, New York City
with i8u, Chika, o.blaat & Ilan Katin.

9/17, WFMU, New York City
Radio live performance/interview recorded live at WFMU
on Aug 31st, 2006. Hosted by Bethany Ryker.
with i8u.
archived real audio stream
(live performance starts around 1:24:00)

This concert tour is supported in part by the Austrian Cultural Forum, Ottawa.

Gal live