JUKAI, Bell Gallery, Providence (USA), 2007.





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Architectural installation by Yumi Kori, sound installation by Bernhard Gal

Bernhard Gal and Yumi Kori create audio-architectural installations. Since 1997, they have explored the interactions between aural, temporal and spatial situations
and their influence on human perception and imagination. Their installations have been exhibited internationally, in cities including Basel, Berlin,
New York, São Paulo, Seattle and Tokyo.

JUKAI is an architectural environment by Japanese artist Yumi Kori, accompanied by a sound installation by Austrian composer and sound artist Bernhard Gal.

The David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University, Providence (USA)
September 8 - October 21, 2007
Curator: Vesela Sretenovic

Yumi Kori ...|... The David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University

The Sea of Trees, a stereo remix derived from the installaton Jukai, has been published by Mandorla Records, Mexico in March 2014. Details here.