Proyecto Itinerante

Projet Itinerant

The Itinerant Project






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Proyecto Itinerante

new electroacoustic music travelling the world

Core members:

Kyong Mee Choi (Korea/USA) Santiago Diez Fischer (Argentina) Bernhard Gál (Austria/Germany)
Matias Giuliani (Argentina) Apostolos Loufopoulos (Greece/UK) Adolfo Kaplan (Chile/France)
Federico Schumacher Ratti (Chile/France) Nikos Stavropoulos (Greece/UK)

Itinerant Project Website

The "Itinerant Project" has been initiated by Southamerican composers Matias Giuliani, Santiago Diez Fischer und Adolfo Kaplan in late 2003. Its goal is to programme electroacoustic or mixed media concerts to be presented in several parts of the world. Currently, nine composers from three continents are involved. The project started with the series "A", a concert programm of electro-acoustic works which so far has been presented in Buenos Aires, Paris, Athens, Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso, with more concerts to come. For the future, the integration of interdisciplinary concepts and forms or presentations is being planned, involving plastic artists, dancers, etc. With all these activities, the affiliated composers attempt to establish a solid link between the new music scenes of several parts of the world, exchanging musical ideas and concepts. This network is intended as a small contribution to build bridges between cultures and nations and to further true artistic exchange and production.

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Past concerts


May 6th - Festival Shut up and Listen!, dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna
October 2006 - South America Tour, Chile / Argentina


February 2nd - Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna
September 23rd - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
October 3rd
- City Conservatory Auditorium, Buenos Aires


January 26th - Fondation Argentine - Paris
May 13th - Mikro Mousiko Theatro - Athens
May 15th - French Culture Center of Moron - Buenos Aires
July 6th - Auditorio El Aleph - Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires
August 8th-10th - Sala Estación Mapocho - Santiago de Chile
August 16th - Radio Broadcast - Programa Siglo XX - Radio Beethoven - Santiago de Chile
August 21st - Sala Ruben Dario, Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile
November 11th
- EM hoeren Series, Electronic Studio of the Technical University, Berlin


December 13th, 2003 French Culture Center of Moron - Buenos Aires (Inaugural Concert)