homesweethomes (part of 'Alsógál', Kunsthalle Budapest, 2014)






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Series of Electroacoustic Compositions | Intermedia Installation, 2013-

homesweethomes - A Sonic Retrospection

The acoustic environment of our homes is widely ignored, being considered as a given, rather unspectacular byproduct of our daily routines. However, our apartments, houses or rooms comprise a universe of sometimes small, and often unappreciated, sounds, an underused sonic potential which at the same time reflects certain ways of life as well as revealing the sonic backdrop of different societies, and possibly entire cultures. To cut it short: Different homes offer different sonic experiences. As a sound artist, I am suffering from elevated sonic perceptiveness. However, considering how much time I've spent in various homes around the globe, it is quite astounding to see how little use I've made of these permanent acoustic offerings. Well, so far. Berlin, Brooklyn, Kritzendorf, Salzburg, São Paulo, Vienna - these cities have been very important, even when temporary, homes during the past 20 years. One's memory of a place is certainly connected to specific details within the respective local soundscape - in many cases such sound events are only identifiable in retrospect. Obviously, this is an ongoing art project. It will be presented in changing constellations, and lead to varying sonic products, as life proceeds.

[Bernhard Gál, March 2013]

homesweethomes is a work-in-progress, with new works being added as time permits.
Since April 2013, three realizations based on Salzburg, São Paulo and Kritzendorf (Austria)
have been presented in various formats.

homesweethomes (2013-)

Site-specific intermedia installation (furniture, light projections, audio systems, hidden loudspeakers)

Previous presentations


Make | Spazio Espositivo Palazzo Manin, in conjunction with the festival IL SUONO IN MOSTRA, Udine, June 1-9, 2019

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homesweethomes #3 (haywire)

FP: Private apartment, Nestroyhof, 1020 Vienna, September 10th, 2016

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homesweethomes #2 (bem-te-vi)

FP: Kunsthalle Budapest, Budapest; October - November 2014
Part of the intermedia installation Alsógál).

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homesweethomes #1 (behind the walls)
Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, May 2013

Espace Projet, Montreal; April - May 2013
Part of the group exhibition 'Territoires domestiques - Behind the Walls'.


Audio excerpts (coming soon)
Other electroacoustic music