betwixt, for flute and sound projection, 2012 (conceptual image)





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For Flute and Sound Projection (2012)

In betwixt, acoustic flute sounds are interwoven with their electro-acoustic derivatives. The multi-layered sound projection is based on instrumental sounds of the same origin. The title betwixt points at the in-between, the undetermined: it aims at a fusion of all musical components, to create an inseparable sonic unit. The flute part includes various extended techniques, such as multi-phonics, whistle tones and combinations of vocal and instrumental sounds. Within the (optional) music-theatrical realization of the piece the performer remains hidden behind a translucent screen, only to be visible throughout the piece as a slowly changing colored shadow. Thus, acoustic and visual sensations are separated and recombined within a controlled and minimal setting.

Instrumentation: flute, sound direction
Technical Equipment: audio system, stop watch
Duration: 9'
Optional: light system, translucent screen

FP: Amannn Studios, Vienna, June 2012; flute: Vera Klug; sound projection: B. Gal

Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.