Beer Ceremony, Festival City Fables, Taipei, 2007



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Beer Ceremony

Composition for 8-20 beer bottle performers, 2006


Gal's Beer Ceremony is a performance piece for 8-20 persons blowing on beer bottles. It is loosely based on a section of Flüssige Musik, a music-theatrical performance for young people from 2002. The performance starts with full beer bottles. Each performer takes a healthy mouthful, then blows on the rim of the bottle, creating sound. This procedure continues until bottles are empty. A conductor may ‘synchronize’ the performers, throughout the entire piece, or in designated sections.

Duration: ca. 10-20 minutes
(depending on bottle size and thirst)

Festival shut up and listen!, Echoraum, Vienna, November 2015
Festival City Fables, Taipei, November 2007
Festival Sinapsis, Mendoza (AR), October 2006 (Premiere)