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[November 2015

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'd like to let you know about the publication
of my new book & DVD 'Zwischenbruecken'.

best wishes,


- - -


Sound Installations and Intermedia Art, 2005 - 2015

Book & DVD-Video

edition sp ce | Gromoga Records

November 2015

144 pages, ca. 200 colour photos
DVD-9 (approx. 4 hrs. of audio resp. video documentation)
edition sp ce 
ISBN 978-3-903089-00-6  |

Gromoga Records 
Gromoga gro 21501  |

Price: Eur 25.-

[anybody interested in a copy at a reduced price, just get in contact]

Further information:

Press info (pdf):

Zwischenbrücken, 2015


Zwischenbrücken is Bernhard Gál’s eleventh main publication, after
eight full length audio CDs, one DVD-Video and one catalogue book.
Featuring 25 installative and intermedia works from 2002 - 2015 and
combining a book and a DVD-video, it is conceived as a follow-up and
extension of ‘Installations’ (book & audio CD, Kehrer Verlag,
Heidelberg 2005). On 144 pages, Zwischenbruecken presents art
installations conceived for interior and exterior spaces, sound art
performances and intermedia concerts as well as music theatre
projects for young audiences, including about 200 colour images
as well as four hours of audio and video materials. The book is
published by Bernhard Gál in cooperation with edition sp ce,
while the accompanying DVD-Video is released on Gromoga Records.

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