Gal's Newsletter II/2006 - March 3rd, 2006

Dear friends and colleagues!

Welcome to the second installment of
this year's newsletter!!
Probably two general mailings will follow
till the end of the year, plus a few more
specific ones, depending on your location.

Like always, this spring promises to become a
quite busy one, with 4 new installations, 2 new
collaborative projects, the premiere of an
instrumental piece, and a few other events coming up.

It will also mark the first edition of the festival
"Shut up and Listen!" in Vienna, curated by
Ernst Reitermaier and myself. Furthermore, I will do
some lecturing on the subject of sound installation art
at the Studio for Sound Art of the University of Arts
in Berlin, which I am very much looking forward to.

all the best from springish Berlin!

hope to see you here or there,


Upcoming Events - Spring 2006

March 31st, 20.00 Echoraum, Vienna
Premiere of a composition for 2 clarinets and sound projection.
Clarinets: Petra Stump & Heinz-Peter Linshalm.

Live on Framework
April 14th 20.00-21.00 Resonance FM, London
Guest appearance at Framework, hosted by Patrick McGinley.
Radio performance and interview.

April 26th, 19.00 (opening) Klangturm St. Poelten, Austria
New site-specific realization of an intermedia installation
exploring interactions of light, sound and space.
April 26th to November 1st, 2006

Zwischen den Seen
May 7th, 20.00 dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna
Second collaborative work with Berlin based clarinettist Kai Fagaschinski.
Premiere in conjunction with the Festival "Shut up and Listen!".

May 10th, 18.00 (opening) Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Berlin
New site-specific sound installation conceived
for the Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Berlin.

May 18th ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Multi-channel performance in collaboration with the
composer / voice performer Jennifer Walshe.

Re: Sound Installation
May 22nd 16.45 Institute for Composition and Electroacoustics, University of Music, Vienna
Lecture about recent sound installations and intermedia art projects.

textur #3
May 23rd, 19.00 Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna
Premiere of a new audio-visual work by Bernhard Gal.

Die Grüne Hölle

June 8th, 18.00 (opening) Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Berlin
New intermedia installation commenting on the Football World Cup 2006,
which will be taking place in Germany around the same time.
June 8th - September 1st, 2006

In cooperation with Sonambiente 2006.

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Recent CD-Releases

Gromoga, Austria 2005
CD-only release based on re-composed audio excerpts
from Gal's intermedia installations since 1999.

Kai Fagaschinski & Bernhard Gal
going round in serpentines
Charhizma, Austria 2005
Debut-CD of the collaboration by Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet)
and Bernhard Gal (electro-acoustics).

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Bernhard Gál  (a.k.a. gal)

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