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[February 2016

Hello everybody,

2016 will be a quiet year of research, study and creation.
At least this was the plan. So please don't read any further.

I've been trying to minimize side activities, in order to focus
on new publications, the completion of my phd studies
(at last), and some artistic and curatorial long-term
projects. However, there are a few things that may
just as well be announced.

A) Austrian State Scholarship for Composition

Happy to announce that I was awarded the 'Austrian State
Scholarship for Composition' for 2016. After 2004, it is 'my'
second one, and I can say it still feels pretty good, especially
since as a composer I am basically an autodidact (lucky me)  ;-)
- I appreciate it as a kind of 'official' acknowledgment of my work.

Plus, this grant will help to further several compositional
endeavours throughout 2016, such as the completion of the
work series 'homesweethomes' and the creation of the
electro-acoustic composition 'Bar.Bari', as well as work on
a (not yet to be revealed) long-term intermedia project.

B) Radio Times Three

March 2nd, 2016, 22:00
Freies Radio für Stuttgart - musica nova
Featuring Gal's audio CD 'relive' (2008).
Host: Günther Bajtl.

March 31st, 23:03-24:00
Radio Portrait Bernhard Gál
ORF OE1, Austrian Public Radio
Radio Portrait concerning the book/DVD 'Zwischenbruecken',
and other recent works. Host: Rainer Elstner.

April 1st, 23:03-2:00
Radio Feature: shut up and listen! 2006-2015
ORF OE1, Austrian Public Radio
Three-hour-long radio feature on Austrian Public Radio,
regarding ten years of of shut up and listen!, Interdisciplinary
Festival for Music and Sound Art.
Hosts: Rainer Elstner & Astrid Schwarz

C) Visiting New York in May 16

After a hiatus of seven (!) years, I am going to visit NYC again,
mainly to accompany my lovely composer-wife Belma who
will present two concerts, for details see here:

I'll be pursuing some sound art research while I am around,
but no concerts, lectures or radio shows are scheduled at this point.
However, I might also schlep a few copies of my new book
along - anybody interested, please get in touch ahead of time.

D) Encyclopedic Article on 'Sound Art'

This one's mainly for the German-speaking crowd: A while ago I wrote
an article on 'Klangkunst' (i.e. sound art) for the 'Lexikon Neue Musik'
which will be published by the German publishing house J.B. Metzler
this March. At 99.- Euros it is not exactly a bargain, but it may
end up at your local university library anytime soon ...

E) Book & DVD 'Zwischenbrücken'

'Zwischenbrücken' was published last November, so I still consider
it 'fresh'. It turned out very nicely which makes me quite proud,
since most of the production work was done by myself. If you'd
like to get a copy at a special price, just let me know!

Well, that's it for the time being.

If you feel like following my activities, please see my
official website, or take a glimpse at this weird facebook
site that gets updated now and then:



- - - - -

Recent and Upcoming Publications:

edition sp ce | Gromoga
Comprehensive catalogue book & DVD video, documenting
intermedia art and music projects / sound installations
created between 2005 and 2016.
Contribution to an upcoming audio CD release by
Belma Beslic-Gal, featuring 'flut', for bass flute
and sound projection, by B. Beslic-Gal and B. Gal.

edition sp ce
Book & online audio archive documenting the first
ten years of shut up and listen!, Interdisciplinary Festival

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