Bernhard Gal - Upcoming Activities

[February 2015

Dear friends and colleagues, dear audience,

here's a quick note about some upcoming
events and publications in 2015.

Busy times - I guess that's a good thing. There
are many interesting projects in the pipeline,
on various levels, just waiting to be completed. 

Some Keywords:

A) Installations | Concerts

- Feb. 19th: New sound installation, Zurich
- Feb. 26th: Intermedia Concert for children, Innsbruck
- ca. May 20th: New vocal composition, Salzburg

B) Two major publications coming up this year:

- Spring 2015: New Catalogue Book & DVD
  Selected Installations | Intermedia Works 2005-14

- Fall 2015: 10 YEARS SUAL (2006-15)
  Publication celebrating the 10th anniversary of the
  Viennese festival for all sorts of great music and more.

C) Dissertation about Sound Installation Art 

.. whenever there is time left, I continue working on my
ongoing PhD project, which I enjoy very much! I've already
learned a lot within the past years, and hope to be able to
share this knowledge soon. If things go well I expect to
complete this major undertaking within 2015 as well.
... fingers crossed!

Details are to be found below, and on my website.



- - - - -

Upcoming Activities

February 19th, 2015, 15.30 (opening)
as himmlische Kind
Zurich University of the Arts (Toni Campus), Zurich

New site-specific sound installation, to be presented on
the rooftop of the new Toni campus of ZHdK.
In conjunction with the 3D-audio research project of the
Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology.

February 26th, 2015, 10.15
Klangschatten II
Freies Theater, Innsbruck

Intermedia music project for a young audience. For traditional Austrian
instruments, sound projection and light choreography. With Albin Paulus
(bagpipe, jew's harp), Barbara Romen (dulcimer), Gunter Schneider (contraguitar)
& B. Gal (sound & light projection, concept). Commissioned by Jeunesse Austria.

May 2015
ununtitled | Un-Un
Christuskirche, Salzburg

Premiere ofa new work for four female vocalists. Details soon tba.
Commissioned by the Internationale Paul-Hofhaymer-Gesellschaft Salzburg.

Upcoming Publications

Zwischenbrücken (Beyond Categories)
Pfau | Gromoga
Publication of a new catalogue book/DVD video, documenting
a selection of Gal's intermedia art and music projects
created between 2005 and 2014. Publication: Spring 2015.

Contribution to an upcoming audio CD release by
Belma Beslic-Gal, featuring 'flut', for bass flute
and sound projection, by B. Beslic-Gal and B. Gal.
Publication: Spring 2015.

TEN YEARS SUAL (working title)
echoraum | Gromoga Records
Publication celebrating the 10th anniversary of
the Viennese Avantgarde festival shut up and listen!
Publication: Fall 2015

Recent Activities

October 18th to November 23rd, 2014

Kunsthalle Budapest,

Premiere of a site-specific intermedia installation.
Part of the sound art group show 'On the Edge of Perceptibility'.

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