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Gal Hörorte | Klangräume

[Listening Places | Sound Spaces]

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sinefonia DIGITAL #3, wolke, Germany, October 2022

508 pages, 91 colour photos, pb., € 49. In German.

ISBN 978-3-95593-503-0 |

A digital open access version will be available in January 2023.

On 502 pages, this study explores seven selected listening venues, their histories, conceptions, receptions, contexts, audience surveys, participating artists, etc. The diversity of sound art is excellently reflected in Gál's dissertation. It is, first of all, in the most literal sense, a work of diligence, which is by no means meant in a negative way. The list of references alone reveals how much (systematic) work was involved in this investigation. With this dissertation Bernhard Gál has expanded the maps of sound art. In his "Conclusion", facts are brought together in a way that I have not previously encountered in any scientific publication.

[Martin Supper]

Following two publications on his own sound art and intermedia music projects and a documentation of the transdisciplinary festival shut up and listen!, Gál’s fourth book is a scholarly one. In his PhD thesis, Gál meticulously examines seven sound art presentations in Bonn, Koblenz, Krems, Salzburg, and Vienna, comparing spatial and perceptual perspectives and placing them in a larger context. The introductory chapters provide an overview of conceptual strategies and etymological roots, as well as a comprehensive review of relevant literature.

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Previous and upcoming presentations:

February 15, 2023 tonspur, Vienna
Joint book presentation featuring Klangräume | Hörorte by Bernhard Gal, and Exhibiting SoundArt,
edited by Peter Kiefer & Michael Zwenzner. Presented by tonspur, Vienna.
a) 15:00-17:30 Public talks by B.Gál and P. Kiefer @ Barocke Suite C - MQ Direktion, MQ Wien
b) 17:30-19:00 Book presentation @ Buchhandlung Walther König, MQ Wien, Moderation: Barbara Barthelmes.

November 22 / 24 / 25 / 27, 2022 Jugendstiltheater am Steinhof, Vienna

following George Crumb: MAKROKOSMOS I-IV, presented by sirene Operntheater, in conjunction with Wien Modern 2022.
Nov. 22: Talk with Stefan Fricke (HR, Frankfurt)
Nov. 24: Talk with Georg Weckwerth (tonspur, Vienna)
Nov. 25: Talk with Marie-Therese Rudolph (Ö1 Zeit-Ton, Vienna)
Nov. 27: Talk with Barbara Barthelmes (musicologist, Berlin)

October 13-16, 2022 Donaueschinger Musiktage 2022
Presentation / book table at the Festival Donaueschinger Musiktage 2022,
among other recent publications by wolke.